Wireless Networking While Travelling

Published on January 10 2017

When I'm at home I'm never not connected to my wireless network. I actually have two networks but when I'm on the move I'm a firm believer in not being connected 24/7. I don't glue my mobile phone to my hand, I don't check it when it beeps from my bag and I certainly don't sit idly checking websites when I'm sitting with actual people.

The one thing I do sometimes do (and it is a habit I'm trying to break) is I walk around with my wireless headphones on. I feel like it removes me from the rest of the world a bit but I am just so used to it now.

My approach to technology while travelling angers some. But I'm not beholden 24/7 to anyone (especially a job) and I value my time and solitude when I want it. When it comes to packing I don't carry a lot of tech with me usually just my phones sometimes I'll bring a tablet if I'm expecting to have to work at any point during the trip but these are usually set times not "in general".

That all said there is one bit of kit I do pack if I know I'm going to be working. If I'm working from an office or a quiet Starbucks somewhere I usually have a little WiFi antenna in my bag. I like the freedom of being able to sit where I want and not have that dictated by the range of the wireless network. A little antenna was only a few bucks and means I can kind of sit anywhere I want with it.

There are two types of antennas one is directional which means you have to point it pretty much at the wireless router and the other is omni-directional which means you just have a generally better signal but it doesn't go as far. I got one of these WiFi antennas about two years ago and I love it normally. The only problem is it doesn't connect to an iPad or phone so sometimes I've asked the place to hook it up to their wireless router (offer someone a stronger WiFi signal and see if they say no) or if that fails I bring a wireless repeater which is kind of the same thing except I can plug it into the wall and then my device can reach the network through it.

I still have firm rules about when I'll be available online but with antenna at least I know I can get a signal and sometimes working on the move means I can have longer adventures.

Written by Kim

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